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Colour Mapping Tool

This will generate a map of New Zealand, for the selected trace element, species, deficiency level and time period. The map shows districts coloured by two variables, to produce a bi-variable plot:
1. Prevalence of deficiency (proportion of samples showing deficiency) on a white to red colour range:
2. Sample size (the relative numbers of animals sampled for the time period on a scale of 0 - 1) on a white to cyan colour range:
A large number of samples but no deficiency, will therefore produce a dark cyan colour. A high prevalence, but based on a small sample size, will produce a deep red-brown colour. However, a large sample with high prevalence of deficiency will tend towards a black colour:

The deficiency level allows you to base the prevalence threshhold on true deficiency (see the reference ranges below), or to include marginal results as well. For example, a liver Copper level <45 µmol/kg in cattle is considered deficient, whereas a liver Cu level <95 µmol/kg in cattle is considered marginal.

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